Lavidas Bros

Lavidas Bros


For three generations, LAVIDAS family from Neochorouda, Thessaloniki, has been engaged in the industry of egg production and distribution.

AFOI TH. LAVIDA OE focuses mainly on the wholesale sector, making its eggs available through a network of partners throughout central and northern Greece.

BRIEF needed a very strong online presence that would communicate their know-how and expertise, focus on the science of egg production and promote their wholesale activity while enhancing their brand identity with a modern creative twist that will differentiate them from the competition.


We created a genuine and refreshing online presence showcasing the journey of Lavidas eggs and the egg production. A journey unfolding through a story-telling transition with animation effects, vintage graphics, modern touches and freshly bold photography.

UI/UX Design

Reborn Digital proposed a fresh and modern corporate presentation with a clean-cut design and bold images highlighting Lavidas innovation and vision.

Both the typography and colors used for the website were based on the brand identity so as to maximize brand consistency through offline and online media and create a new digital footprint for Naxos Skyline.

Web Development

The user experience of the frontend was enhanced with the use of JavaScript techniques while a WordPress CMS installation was used for the backend.

To further familiarize visitors’ with background, the website features a graphic presentation of informational pages with useful data and statistics.

Social Media Marketing

Photo Shooting

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