Naxos Insider

Naxos Insider


Naxos Insider is a travel guide with plenty of information regarding Naxos.

The goal of this travel blog is to provide usefull information such as accomodation, Food, Wellness and shopping around the island.


The client requested a high impact website with targeted communication activities to increase awareness, reach people seeking for information about activities and differentiate from other blogs offering similar services. The new website had to clearly communicate all Naxos Insider services, reflect the company’s values and success, increase visitors , allow the company to easily manage the site and enhance the user experience through a modern and elegant layout.


The main objective was to differentiate the company from other major players in the field of travel blogs facilitating visitors to easily understand the company’s direction and best practices. The new website keeps all core branding elements and reflects the company’s bold yet contemporary character through a clean-cut design. The goal was to make it easy for the end users to find everything they need in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

Web Design and Development

The challenge was to differentiate naxos insiders services from the other blogs which was achieved with custom designed elements allowing visitors to easily navigate around and find what they are searching for in an easy and convinient way.

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