Naxos Skyline

Naxos Skyline


Naxos Skyline Villas are here to create memorable experiences promising an elegant, relaxing and convenient stay.

The skyline sea view, our personalized services and our Mediterranean cuisine complete perfectly our concept for the most unique vacation you could dream with your family or your friends.


The client requested a high impact website with targeted communication activities that allow users enjoy the villas`s experience on any device, having the opportunity to immediately book their escape to this heavenly place!


We designed a website based on Cycladic minimalist aesthetics following thin lines and design elements that express the absolute calmness of the location. The typography was carefully selected so that enhances the character of the website and to harmonise the high aesthetics of Naxos Skyline Villas with the simplistic design of the Cycladic island.


Reborn Digital proposed a fresh and modern corporate presentation with a clean-cut design and bold images highlighting Naxos Skyline innovation and vision.

Both the typography and colors used for the website were based on the brand identity so as to maximize brand consistency through offline and online media and create a new digital footprint for Naxos Skyline.

The new website reflects Naxos Skyline’s values and the high level of aesthetic.

Web Development

The user experience of the frontend was enhanced with the use of Asychronous JavaScript techniques (AJAX) while a WordPress CMS installation was used for the backend.

The core library integrated was jQuery and the interactivity was created with Anime.js animation library so as to ease the user experience and enhance the overall digital journey.

To further familiarize visitors’ with Naxos Skyline background, the website features a graphic presentation of informational pages with useful data and statistics.


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