Rice Mills Thessaloniki

Rice Mills Thessaloniki



Rice Mills Thessaloniki was founded 41 years ago and operates in a privately owned factory in Sindos.

The goal of the company is always the high quality from the field to the preparation of the products, with ISO certifications and state-of-the-art facilities.


After many years of existence, Rice Mills Thessaloniki requested a new website that would reflect the company’s values and professionalism excellence while facing the digital challenges of the modern era.


Reborn Digital proposed to design a website that would connect the past with the future based on our thoroughly study and analysis of the client’s background and growing needs.

Web Design & Development

The main design focus lied on carefully crafted user interface animations along with the use of clean and intuitive graphics with clear references to the basic product of the Rice Mills which is the rice. The new website keeps up with the latest trends in web development. There is a horizontal scroll in the homepage screen as well as other animations used to present the companies products in a bold and clear way.

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